The Collective

There is strength in the human skeleton. This cage, which consists of 24 ribs, the sternum, costal cartilage, and vertebrae, protects our most vital organs, our heart and lungs. Without this shield, we would die. The human skeleton is often viewed as a frightening or morbid image, but Caged Collective believes it is one of beauty and power.

Anna Lambert and Jen Scholten, neighbours and friends from Ontario, Canada, used this idea of contradiction to create their debut line of snapbacks and apparel. The collection, drawing on the pair’s roots, is Canadian designed, and ethically Made in America. 

Caged Collective believes design is at its best when there are many collaborators, many ideas, and constant iterations. The company works with leaders of industry and designs for the Creative CEO, the professional street dancers, web designers, and graffiti artists.

Creativity is unique, it’s innovative, it’s power.